ARESTA Scaff - Elasticated Lanyard ARESTA Scaff - Elasticated Lanyard

ARESTA Scaff - Elasticated Lanyard


Elasticated lanyard with snaphook & scaffold hooks

Very popular elasticated webbing lanyard for the scaffolders, construction industry, plant maintenance, roof maintenance. Twin legs ensure the worker is always attached at all times whilst moving from anchor to anchor.

Includes a snaphook at the harness end and scaffhooks at the anchorage end. Stay safe at all times with a double lanyard for continuous attachment to anchor points, providing a fool proof fall arrest system

  • Total extended length is 2m.
  • The shock absorber will tear to absorb the energy in the event of a fall
  • Snaphook and scaffhooks rated to 20kN.
  • Do not remove the yellow cover as this protects the shock absorber from environmental damage.

Code AR-03908

Webbing Breaking strength 25KN

Static Strength 22KN

Rated to 140KG

Product Code: AR-03908 Availability: In Stock


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