ARESTA Construction Helmet White – AR+04039

ARESTA Construction Helmet



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ARESTA Construction Helmet

Helmet shell

  • The helmet shell is manufactured of high-density injected polyethylene.
  • The shell surface is smooth, with twin ribs along the length and a solid rib of triangular cross-section that provide greater rigidity to the helmet.
  • The helmet also has a visor in the middle and a water rim around the remaining perimeter.
  • The interior of the shell contains six housings to attach the harness.


  • It is made of injected linear polythene that has great impact absorbing potential.
  • It has a head strap, neck strap and a cap with six ribs. The front of the head band is covered with a textile sweat band.
  • The neck band has a size adjustment mechanism with a wheel, made of polyamide, on which padding has been stuck.
  • The usage height can be changed between three different positions; there are three holes on each of the front and rear cap ribs.




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