Zero – Rigger – Lightweight linesman harness Z+87/R

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Lightweight linesman harness
This Riggers harness is a more simple and lightweight design than the IsoTower. This lightweight harness delivers on performance and value. The tower design makes it suitable for a multitude of working applications including: tower work, pole work, linesman, rescue,
industrial height safety and confined space. New and ergonomic design that combines the practical tower design with rescue features. A comfortable and easy fitting harness, with fall arrest and positioning attachment points which connect together the work positioning saddle and waist belt. This ensures that the users weight is spread evenly between the waist belt and saddle for maximum comfort.
Breathable mesh fabric in the waist belt and positioning saddle gives the wearer support and comfort. Supportive waist panel has
a reflective panel for better visibility. Quick connect buckles and fully adjustable for ultimate fit. 
  • Lightweight design, fully adjustable for ultimate fit.
  • Central multi-purpose front fall arrest attachment point.
  • Soft rescue retrieval attachment points on shoulders.
  • Includes side work D positioning attachment points plus tower work positioning side rings.
  • Rear dorsal attachment point with velcro stowage system when not in use.
  • Padded saddle seat for comfort during long periods of work positioning.
  • Extra wide padded waist belt, moisture wicking lining for comfort.
  • Reflective back panel for increased visability.
  • Quick connect buckles to chest and leg with adjustments providing correct and secure fit.
  • Polyester webbing construction for durability and strength. The webbing is designed to be water and oil resistant.
  • Velcro covered labelling for long term inspections.
  • Supplied with forged steel hardware.


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