ARESTA Plus Safety Helmet – AR+04035

Key Features

  Industrial Helmets

  4 Point Webbing strap

  Tested to 12490


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ARESTA Plus Safety Helmet
Multi-impact helmet
Designed with the best features for an industrial quality helmet for work at height and general site safety. Built to mountain engineering certification, this Multi-impact helmet is built to last and has provision for all the standard accessory types that are needed on the job.
Integrated half face visor can be added in Clear (APX-V20) or Smoke
Mirror (APX-V21). Scratch & fog resistant for complete protection.
Size adjustment system for a perfect fit.
10 air intakes, vents mesh covered to prevent debris entry.
Inner lining fully detachable and washable.
Head lamp holder clips.
Two slots for mounting ear defenders.
Impact tested to crown: 100 joules.
impact tested to sides / front / rear: 90 joules.
Non-releasing chin strap.
Reflector stickers.
5 year lifespan.

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