Providing specialist PPE for working at height, including, Safety Harness, Restraint Lanyards, Fall-Arrest lanyard, Retractable Block, Tripods, Winches, Rope access, Along with this we offer a range Safety Helmets, Climbing Helmets, Ear muffs, Visors, Forestor Helmets and Visors, to complement this we have introduces Temperature controled Hiz Garments. Offering a full solution for working at heights, for the scaffolders, wind and energy markets and construction.

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Xenith Heights | Specialist in Fall Arrest Equipment & Safety Harness

Global Innovation in Height Safety

GRIPPS is a leading provider of tool drop prevention solutions for all companies that operate at height. Home to the industry respected STOP the DROPS range, GRIPPS designs, develops, and distributes a comprehensive 360 range of tool tethering initiatives, which are fully certified and recognised as the 'best practice' solution for tool drop prevention.

Tool belts
Tool holsters
Tool tether fitting
Tool tether carabiners
Tool tether lanyards
Tool tether connectors
Tool tether anchor points
Tool bags
lifting bag

We have your needs covered.

Aresta height safety equipment is the result of extensive global research, innovation, and a design ethos to create a solution for the Fall Protection when working at height. Aresta safety harness and equipment is fast becoming known for advanced protection and best performance whilst representing outstanding value for certified safety equipment. Always attentive to the needs of the industry.

Aresta's innovative covers:

Height safety harness
Height safety lanyard
Fall arrest retractable blocks
Confined space tripods
Confined space winches
Work positioning rope lanyard

ARESTA range of safety helmets designed with a durable plastic shell, combined with a light weight and comfortable fit for all-day protection. Built tough to industry approved multi-impact.

Ear protection
Helmet mounted earmuffs
Face visors
Mesh visors

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