ARESTA Scaffolder Kit 2 – AK-S02

ARESTA Scaffolder Kit 2 – Double Point Safety Harness – Elasticated Webbing Lanyard


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ARESTA AR-01024 Double Point Harness with EEZE-KLICK Buckles

  • General purpose harness with front and rear D ring attachment points, Quick connect buckles.
  • High comfort webbing.
  • Suitable for general tradesmen, construction workers, roofing, vertical climbing and access equipment.
  • Simple and effective fall arrest harness for total safety compliance.

EN 361:2002

ARESTA AR-03908 Elasticated Webbing Lanyard
  • Elasticated webbing lanyard with Carabiner and Scaffold Hook. Includes energy shock absorber.
  • standard simple lanyard for attachment to anchor points, providing safe fall arrest system.
  • 2m maximum length.
EN 354:2010
ARESTA Oriole pump bag
  • A durable lightweight drawstring bag
  • Ideal for keeping your kit together


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