Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE )

PPE is the acronym for Personal Protective Equipment. PPE equipment includes eye protection, head protection, hearing protection, hands protection and respiratory protection. PPE can help protect you from harmful substances that exist in the workplace; this will ultimately contribute to your safety and well-being at work.

Eye Protection:

Protects your eyes from particles and other harmful substances.

Head Protection:

Protects the head against injury, such as a bump to the head or penetrating objects that could cause trauma.

Hearing Protection:

Prevents hearing loss caused by exposure to hazardous sound levels.

Hands protection:

Guards hands against chemicals that will dry out skin and make them more susceptible to irritants in the environment.

Respiratory Protection:

Reduces inhalation of airborne contaminants during work activities like painting or sanding where respiratory hazards may exist due to particulate matter present in the air; also protects lungs from developing disease related illnesses, which are usually occupationally acquired through prolonged exposures at high concentrations.