ARESTA – AR+RE15 – Retrieval winch – Lifeline -Retractable Block

£973.12 (including VAT: £1,167.74)

Retractable Block With Retrieval System

  • The locking pin on the side of the casing at the base of the handle allows this dual system to work in
  • independent Fall Arrest & Winch modes.
  • Can be easily mounted on the leg of VIRAJ Tripod using specialized brackets
  • Minimum Breaking Strength> 12KN.
  • As per EN 360:2002 & EN 1496:2006 Class A.

Unique Features:

  • The Dual mode- helps easy movement of user while working in confined spaces.
  • Retractable mode - enables easy mount of user in confined spaces.
  • Winch mode- enables easy retrieval.
  • Length of Wire Rope upto 30m.
  • Comes with SF-1602 Snap Hooks with impact indicator.


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