ARESTA – PAS-300 – Tripod and winch

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Flexibility and mobility are very important in many situations - especially when it comes to rescuing or securing people. With a stable tripod, often also called a tripod, fall protection, but also mobile lifting of loads, can be implemented quickly and easily. Since a tripod cannot wobble due to its construction, it is much more stable than frames with four arms. Thanks to its compact design, this belay device can also be folded up like a tripod and can therefore be transported in a space-saving manner.

The advantages of our tripod at a glance:

  • intelligent and mobile complete system for securing and rescuing
    people as well as for lifting loads up to 500 kg
  • Complies with the EN 795 standard and the TS 16415 specification and TÜV certification
  • surprisingly light and compact
  • easy and quick commissioning
  • small transport dimensions


Lightweight and compact construction combined with very high stability and performance: These are the characteristics that characterize both the tripod ECO II and the PRO II from Martin PSA. While the ECO II is designed as a fixed variant, the PRO II is equipped with castors as a mobile tripod. This is of great advantage in certain areas of application.

Common to both constructions is the conformity with the standard EN 795 and the specification TS 16415. In addition, both models have a TÜV certification. A tripod of this type is suitable both for securing and rescuing people and as a lifting device and can be loaded with up to 500 kg. The tripods are compatible and suitable for use with retractable fall arrester and rescue hoist (HSRG). Both the HSRG and the load winch are particularly user-friendly thanks to the universal and standard Easy mount. Although they are very stable and robust, ECO II and PRO II both stand out due to their compact dimensions when folded. Their low weight is also surprising in this performance class. An integrated roller anti-jamming system and an optimized cable guide prevent the cable from jamming or escaping. In the case of the PRO II, which is equipped with practical rollers, one wheel can be steered using a drawbar, which makes manoeuvring with a load attached much easier.


Due to its construction and reinforced, torsion-resistant profiles, a tripod from our company is ideal for securing people when descending into shafts and for rescuing and recovering people who have had an accident. Wherever other stationary or mobile devices for attaching height safety devices are out of the question, a tripod can almost always be used thanks to its compact dimensions. Even under the most difficult spatial conditions, the belay device can be brought to the desired location and set up stably.

But a tripod is also a great help in the everyday life of many service companies: As a mobile complete system, it also simplifies the lifting of loads, for example manhole covers. In the case of the PRO II tripod, the rollers above it also make it easy to transport the load. The same applies to the salvaging and gentle laying down of people when they have been salvaged from a shaft. The mobile PRO II is easy to control and can evacuate injured people quickly and safely from the danger area. The tripods ECO II and PRO II are approved for two people and a maximum load of up to 500 kg. Both devices also have an integrated load pressure brake that can hold a suspended load from a minimum weight of 25 kg in any position.


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